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The Trappin Aint Dead Podcast is the voice of Black Millennials living in South Florida hosted by James "Munch"Mungin II and Janey Tate. On the show, we discuss a variety of wide ranging topics from the latest hood news to what is happening politically in our community. Tune in weekly to see why Trappin Aint Dead.

Feb 27, 2020

We had the honor of hosting William "DC" Clark at the BlackHouse recently. No question DC is a living legend. In this interview we talk about Black Miami from the frontlines and how the environment may look different but these crackers still playing the same game.

Feb 13, 2020


You probably seen him on social media as Mama Bee jukin' in a church robe or his skits with Fat & Funny that capture every Dade County moment perfectly. Tune in as T.P. Miller walks us through his journey of becoming a social media...

Feb 6, 2020

We live where most ppl come to vacation. Our history, culture and divided diversity coupled with the facade of Downtown and South Beach often create an illusion that every thing in Miami is just fun in the sun. So for residents like ourselves, when big events like the Super Bowl come to our city, the feeling is...

Feb 3, 2020

When life throws you lemons make lemonade and spike that bihh with you favorite spirit. That is the story of this dynamic duo, the Spikes. In this episode, Danie and Stephen share their journey through entrepreneurship, the challenges of being married and in business, and the power of manifestation.