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The Trappin Aint Dead Podcast is the voice of Black Millennials living in South Florida hosted by James "Munch"Mungin II and Janey Tate. On the show, we discuss a variety of wide ranging topics from the latest hood news to what is happening politically in our community. Tune in weekly to see why Trappin Aint Dead.

Nov 11, 2018

EP 030: Dream Big with Brandon Okpalobi & Dibia Dream by All Like Minds Media

Nov 11, 2018

A loss isn't totally a loss, unless there are no lessons learned. As the results we're pouring in from what seemed to be a disappointing loss from a hard-fought battle, we sat down and reflected on what we could've done better? But, more importantly what do we do now?, with Valencia Gunder, Phillip Agnew,...

Nov 4, 2018

EP028: Change is Coming to Opa Locka with Matthew Pigatt by All Like Minds Media